Dear Tranquil Care,

On behalf of my family, I would like to commend your terrific hospice team who supported us during the last two weeks of my father’s final journey.

Jane is a long-time friend of my family, and was utterly professional and supportive during what must have been an especially difficult initial assessment visit.

Barbara was fantastic and effective as a support for my mother and I during what was becoming an increasingly stressful time.

Julie and Katie were so lovely with my father – and we felt so supported and reassured that he was in good knowledgeable hands. Dora was also lovely.

Georgia took great care and spent plenty of time during each of her visits with my father.

DB was lovely, as was Laura; the only regret I have is that because it was so near the end of my father’s life, we did not get to enjoy their gifts more fully.

Thanks to your team, my father’s passing was gentle, and my mother and I felt ready and supported during each change…I wish we had not taken my father’s doctor’s suggestion of another hospice as gospel, as I believe my father and indeed, our whole family, would have benefited greatly from your terrific team earlier on this journey.

Best to all of your team and thank you again,
Claire Garabedian, PhD

Our family would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the wonderful care our mother received. The compassionate and loving care mom, as well as the rest of us, received from her nurses was unparalleled. By sharing her music as well as spending time talking and listening to all of us, Laura brought such peach and comfort to mom and the family. The calls from DB, Leslie, and Barbara during those last few weeks of mom’s life as well as during the weeks afterward offered a sense of calm and comfort. Thank you to all!

…this wisdom is one of the most important lessons we have learned during my beloved father’s final journey – and we are SO VERY GRATEFUL that your fantastic and caring team were with us for the final laps…

Thank you so very much for your wonderful, caring help in my husband’s last days. We are so glad that we made the decision to have him home and could give him loving care he needed. But without your professional help we couldn’t have done it. Your kind, loving, caring service will be remembered always in our hearts.